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Florence has expanded her brand to include product licenses with some of the world's most distinguished home collection brands. This includes an extensive line of garden furniture, mirrors, lighting, and accessories with A&B Home, and a line of cleaning and natural laundry products with HSN and more...

Florence is happy to introduce her complete line of natural household and laundry care products derived from centuries old recipes bringing her unique French Chic style to your home through her Savon Francais line.

Savon Francais


A B Home Group Inc.
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French Chic Living
Available exclusively on Home Shopping Network
Below is the link to my new laundry line & cleaning products all French inspired and all inspired by my family and my latest book, French Chic Living
The laundry line is based with savon de Marseille ( which is a French 400 years old recipe) time tested, natural and smelling delicious.
There is only 4 companies which are left in France doing the savon de Marseille and my laundry products are made with it. In addition we have real botanical scents in it, either lavender, orange blossom, milkweed or figue. We have a complete line with fabric softener in all four scents, along with linen water as well.
In addition for ( some of my friends who can be allergique even to natural essence) we also have a laundry which is only made with savon de marseille flake. You add warm water to them and you can do 190 loads! It is also very economical ....
The cleaning line start with my Bonne Maman citron, the best basic cleaner for everywhere ( I mention it in my book) and all surface to furniture cleaner , window cleaner & other stones & metal cleaner.
I also have tools for cleaning all made of naturals ingredients, from tampico brushes to feather or lamb dusters.